Please read below documents and prepare the one-page, video, business plan, and financial model before you make a pitch or book a consulting session. Further, remember to follow our Facebook to make sure you do not miss important announcements.


  • Date Protection

AnHour's current policy is not to save any startup's confidential information on our own server. Therefore, please have all your documents saved on your own cloud drive (eg. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and upload you pitching video to Youtube or other video streaming sites. Then copy and paste the URLs of the documents to designated fields.

  • Information Disclosure

According to the Security Trading Act in Taiwan (ROC), any fundraising activity in public needs to be authorized by Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC). AnHour is a platform for entrepreneurs to demonstrate their technology, team, products, and services to venture investors to win their attention rather than a fundraising platform. AnHour forbids any user putting down any fundraising information in uploaded documents or company profile. Violators will  take full responsibility of such illegal conduct and may be subject to both criminal and civil prosecution of Taiwan (ROC) government.

  • Privacy Protection

Venture capitalists do not sign non-disclosure agreement (NDA) until the project entering due diligence phase. Therefore, if you are concerned about NDA, please do not put confidential information in your documents and negotiate with the VCs about privacy protection issue during your 1-on-1 session.

*Pitching and consulting services will be available in April 2019. Please check our Facebook for the exact date.*